Nintendo Ds Mario Party The Most Exciting Of All Party Games

There have been lot of changes in the world of video games in the last few decades. The old black and white screens were only able to play arcade games and other dot games. But now after the slow and steady revolution in the world of console video games now there are very sophisticated games.

The action games, arcade games, war games, horror games and many more games were invented. But the most interesting among players of all age groups are the party games and the preset best seller among them is the Nintendo DS Mario party.

This game was first released in last month of 2008. This game is in continuation of the old Mario games. This one is played between 4 players out of which 3 may be computer generated players or bots. This version is available in two modes. The first and the more interesting one is the party mode. In this, the 4 players are actually competing to have the highest number of stars. Some paths also give you coins. So as many as coins or stars you have the better.

With the far more excitement level it is better than most of the online games. Here initially you will find it as a old fashioned snakes and ladder game where you have to roll a dice. But eventually as the game unfolds you will find the most interesting and exciting gaming experience.

The most important factor of the Nintendo DS Mario party is the set of very interesting seventy four minigames. These games provide you instant excitement. The latest consoles have the facility to play with the use of touch screen and microphone. There are options of playing duel minigames.

These games can be played one on one or two on two. In the latter case you will find more excitement due to the factor of team plying. It seems to be more real than other cheap nintendo DS games. These games are easily available over the internet with the facility of reading reviews to get the insight of the game and also have games price comparison.

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