Play Unlimited Multimedia Files With Advance R4i Sdhc

Users should be aware of the fact that R4i SDHC is the advanced version of R4 v.2. Experts say that the basic difference is of capacity range that lies in the previous model of this card and the latest one. The previous card was capable of holding only 2GB capacity whereas the latest one up to 32GB. So the best part that users will get this time is good storage capacity. Now, they can hold lots of multimedia files than previously. There are other cards also prevalent in the market which are counted as competitors of this card such as Acekard or TT cards. You can use this card very well with wide range of Nintendo products. It is available in low cost at any local store.

R4i sdhc is an advanced version of R4 v.2. The only difference in this model and the previous one I could found is that the previous model had only 2 GB capacity to hold the data while R4i SDHC has capacity to hold 32 GB of data. So the storage size has been increased for the newer version which is a big advantage for the company. Acekard or TT cards are few which we can count as competitors for R4i SDHC.

R4i-sdhc is the latest slot 1 flash cards for NDS console series, which also supports DSI. This card is the upgraded versions of r4 with multi-media features. It also supports SDHC and can play games and homebrews. You can see this card widely used by NDS player users. If you really want to avail benefit from the usages of these cards then must gather all the relevant information about them from reliable sources. Both these cards accept micro SD memory card that means you can play multimedia files on your DS. You can watch movies, play music, browse pictures, read e-books, and much more. The best part of using it is that supports almost all kinds of software. Above all, the DS platforms for this card include DS Lite, Nintendo DS, DSi and DSi XL. Since this card holds highest capacity of 32GB, users can use any DS/DSi very comfortably. They will not come across any sort of hassle while using it with any software. is widely known for releasing series products such as R4iSDHC 3DS, R4iSDHC V1.4, V1.41, V1.42, V1.43R4 SDHC card since 2008. These cards show great compatibility. Besides, they also support 100 percent DS/DSi games. Almost all ranges of micro SD card can run in r4i SDHC with good game speed and with some low class TF card also. Some other features of this card such as plugs and plays in SLOT-1 without any passcard and supports all DS versions, Directly Drags and drops all files into micro SD (TF) card from Computer, supports ROMS Multimedia files or Homebrew games of any size etc.

The most unique feature of these cards is that can easily memorize and restore your previous selected applications and games after restarting the PC system. They are cheaper with best features that have enhanced their consumption recently a lot. Being a user, you should purchase it from reliable sources, as fake manufacturers too available.

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