Computer Graphics And Its Application

Nowadays, Computer Graphics (CG) is used heavily in most of the movies. It is used for making special effects in movie and for portraying some unimaginable scenes. For example, some of the amazing stunt and action scenes that you see in film Terminator Judgment Day are done with Computer Graphics only.

Off late, computer graphics has been helping the movie makers in many ways. In those days, shooting extreme stunt scenes were practically impossible and involved lots of risks. Many artists have died while shooting some of the extreme stunt scenes. But today, with the help of Computer Graphics, film makers dont need to stress out for risking shoots as the CG artist will help to have the realistic scenes using the Computer Graphics. Some of the popular flicks that became very popular because of CG are Titanic, Mask, Narnia, avatar, Ghost Rider, Spider man, etc. Without Computer Graphics Technology, these movies were impossible.

Although cinema industry is using CG heavily, there are many other industries that are in need of the service of CG industry. Todays gaming industry heavily relies on CG industry only. Lot of realistic games that you see in the market is developed with help of advanced CG artists only. Without the CG technology, it is impossible to have such a realistic video or computer games.

Usage of CG is also seen with real estate business. Today, most of the real estate builders are using computer graphics for architectural rendering. The computer architectural rendering allows builders to have better view of their prospective architectural design and plan. Such computer rendering is also used as marketing tool to impress the potential customers.

The demand for CG is raising with days and so the CG artists too. With increase movie production, television product and advertisement production, the demand CG artist is also increasing. So you could have bright career prospects by choosing your character as CG artist. You could become CG artist by finishing CG course. Such courses are offered in many institutions and you dont need to have any degree to qualify for the course. Having some skills in free-hand drawing could highly advantageous for become a successful CG artist.

For becoming a popular and most wanted CG artist, you should master some of the CG software. For example, if you want to work as CG artist in cinema industry, you should master Maya software. Else if you want to become CG artist in gaming industry then you should master 3ds Max software.

For becoming a successful CG studio owner, you should have highly efficient render farm as it helps to render the advanced CG very quickly. There many type of render farm and you should choose right type for your studio based on the software you use. For instance, if you are using Maya Software, then you shall use maya render farm. If you find owning a render farm as very expensive, then you shall hire any of the online rendering services who could offer render farm services through Internet.

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