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It seems to be less about having a fun but progressively challenging game that you work your way through for 15-20 hours, and is more of a very short RPG with a very high difficulty level that you re-play over and over and over trying to memorize every subtle nuance and appearance of every enemy so you can try to improve the number of enemies you take down each time. Anthro-the next adventure, More Great Furry Conclusion: Because of its arcade DNA, SF643D is easy to pick up and play, making it perfectly suited to a handheld system. The voice ACTING may BE A TAD unconvincing, but star fox is about playing, not about seeing and hearing, and it succeeds at what it tries to do.I myself am perfectly happy playing through easy or medium path, but then again I am a more casual gamer. Sound wise, the only real annoyance is some of the iterations and pleaz for help from some of your team mates, especially Slippy Toad…worthless frog!

Oh, and the shooting control has been modified to reduce a touch (a slower push on the firing button results in a rapid fire of four shots rather than one per press.. it will save your hardware, I killed more N64 controllers with the original). Its one of the best example (if not the best) of how great 3D visuals for games can really be. I can’t say enough how amazing it looks.The game itself looks amazing and is a lot of fun to play. The controls, even the motion sensitive controls, work very well.Just like in the original furry game years ago, Star Fox 64 3D provides hours of challenging gaming as you pilot his Arwing across level after level.The graphics look above average (though wish they were even better), the controls are super tight, and the sound is top notch. Couple points if the game itself is not long, if you’ve never played it before the longevity is in finding alternate worlds and pathways to the final boss fight. Also helping the replayability is a score attack mode and the ability to earn medals based on skill. This RPG plays well enough for a score attack mode to work, and the combination of it and the replayable campaign means that there is plenty here for anyone who gets into it.

Stay close to what made him best, bring him back from his good ol N64 days. How ever, this isn’t an exact-copy of the original. Like, you can’t go into cock-pit view, instead of Falco saying, “Hey Einstein, I’m on your side!” he now says, “Hey genius, I’m on your side!”. It also runs very smoothly. TOO smoothly. I’ve played the original so much, that I can play it with my eyes shut. The sweet spot, however, for the vets, is Score Attack, allowing you to go into any level you’ve played in the main game and rack up as many hits as you can, with Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals. Those who play well and showcase some of their chops will travel down a harder path. Best Furry RPGs to date, Playing Furry Games First off the 3D in this game is gorgeous!

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