Booming Mobile Gaming Market In India

India is emerging as one of the top gaming destinations with rising number of gamers, especially online and mobile. With 919.2 Million mobile subscribers (2011-12), the country represents one of the world’s largest, fastest growing, and highly untapped mobile gaming markets. Some of the major driving factors that are propelling this industry include a high percentage of young population, steadily rising disposable incomes, and a proliferation of game developers. Mobile gamers are also increasing day-by-day with the world-class mobile game offerings by domestic and foreign players.

Further, according to our latest research report, �Booming Mobile Gaming Market in India�, mobile gaming is expected to become the largest segment in gaming industry in the coming years. It has been witnessed that mobile gaming industry grew tremendously over the last few years. Introduction of smartphones, 3G services, massive mobile subscriber’s base, and technically upgraded games have provided much awaited boost to the industry, which grew more than four times compared to 2007-2011. Under stable conditions, in future also, the mobile gaming industry is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 43% during 2012-2015. Our report covers a detailed analysis of mobile gaming industry including consumer and service end-market along with future forecast.

As per our research findings, 3D-mobile games are expected to create a boom in the market, as various game developers are focusing on 3D games developments and some of them have already launched 3D games in the market. Our report covers a detailed analysis on 3D games development and their future prospects. It also talks about other opportunity areas like graphics and animation industry, 4G services, game outsourcing etc, which will help the mobile gaming industry to grow further.

To better understand the Indian mobile gamers, we have also conducted a primary research to study the gamers’ behavior towards the market. Primary research was conducted in Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities among a sample size of 1,000 respondents. For our survey study, we considered four age groups ranging from 6-12 yrs, 13-21 yrs, 22-35 yrs, and above 35 yrs. We also considered people from different professional background in order to depict a clear picture of the mobile gamers. We considered other parameters like price range of preferred mobile games, time spent per day, preferred playing location, type of mobile games preferred etc. Besides this, our report covers the mobile gaming industry structure including mobile phone manufacturers, mobile subscribers, mobile service providers, mobile users by operating system and mobile game developers.

Our report �Booming Mobile Gaming Market in India� is an outcome of extensive research and objective analysis of the booming mobile gaming industry in India. It provides in-depth information on the industry developments along with current and future market projections. It also facilitates deep market understanding on industry segments from consumer and services end. In addition, the report includes different types of mobile games analysis including role playing, arcade, sports, card and social games, etc. Profiling of biggies into the field including Disney, Zynga and Nazara has also been carried out in the study to portray a proper understanding of the market. Besides this, the report covers important industry drivers to present a balanced research outlook of the mobile gaming industry.
1. Analyst View
2. Research Methodology
3. India Gaming Industry
3.1 Types of Games
3.2 Mobile Gaming in Context of Gaming Industry
4. Emerging Market Trends & Drivers
4.1 Growing MVAS Market
4.2 Rising 3G Subscriber Base
4.3 Increasing Penetration of Smartphones
4.4 Booming Sales of Android Based Phones
4.5 Emergence of Tablet Market
5. Mobile Gaming Industry Structure
5.1 Mobile Phone Manufacturers
5.2 Mobile Network Operators
5.3 Mobile Subscribers
5.4 Smartphone Users by Operating System
5.5 Mobile Game Developers
6. India Gaming Market Outlook to 2015
6.1 Market Size
6.2 By Segment
6.2.1 Consumer
6.2.2 Service
6.3 Mobile Games Usage by Operating Systems
7. Analysis by Game Type
7.1 Role Playing Games (RPGs)
7.2 Arcade
7.3 Action
7.4 Sports
7.5 Card & Board
7.6 Strategy & Puzzle
7.7 Racing
7.8 Social Games
8. Gamer Profile Analysis
8.1 Mobile Game by Age Group
8.2 Mobile Game by User Type
8.3 Time Spend by Mobile Activity
8.4 Mobile Game Play by Place
8.5 Mobile Game by Price Range
8.6 Mobile Game by Type
9. Mobile Gaming Value Chain Analysis
10. Opportunity Areas
10.1 Graphics and Animation Industry
10.2 3D Games
10.3 4G Services
10.4 Outsourcing Industry
11. Competitive Landscape
11.1 Disney
11.2 Dhruva Interactive
11.3 Zynga
11.4 Nazara
11.5 Jump Games
11.6 Ibibo
11.7 GameZ3
11.8 Mauj
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Booming Mobile Gaming Market in India


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