Wii Is Still Top Of The Charts

If you have any doubt of what the most sought after gaming console is at the moment, it is most certainly the Nintendo Wii console. With it’s capabilities of catering for solo gamers, groups of up to four, young children, older generations and the entire family when it comes to team games the Wii has really become the number one computer game console when it comes to wide spread audiences.

There are an awful lot of companies offering the Wii for different prices with different bundles and accessories, each different from the last. The most popular games such as Wii sports and Wii Fit require extra �controllers� in order to work properly, but many of the aforementioned bundles will see you set up with all of these too.

The Wii caters for lots of different tastes when it comes to games. The unique controller allows for energetic and exciting games of �shoot em ups�, realistic control of driving games, active dancing with music and dance games, careful precision with skill based games like golf and fishing not to mention the countless other creative and unique ways the game companies have used the Wii’s system to create different games.

The Wii has proven to be very popular with a much more varied age range than any other console too, with young children being able to happily travel to their grandparents to enjoy a game or too on the Wii. The simplicity of many of the arcade games makes them easily enjoyable by both novice and seasoned gamers, meaning they can play together without feeling unevenly matched.

However if you’re worried that the Wii is too �easy� for you and you’re after a bit more of a challenge, you should look into the way popular games have been remixed to allow for a totally new experience. A perfect example is Tomb Raider Anniversary. Already hugely popular on the PC and other platforms, the Wii allows for realistic shooting from �Wii Pistols� and means the puzzles in game are more �hands on� as the Wii allows for more human movements.

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