Ebay Misspellings Could Potentially Save You Hundreds On A Wii

A few months ago I was looking for some stuff on eBay and even though I was finding what I wanted, the products had tons upon tons of people bidding on the item. Then, I ran into someone that was really experienced with eBay and he told me one of the best things you can do whilst searching on any site (but especially eBay) for different items, is to do a search for misspellings. So say you are looking for a Nintendo Wii, instead type in something like Nintndo Wii or Nintndo and you would be really surprised the things that come up. As of now this is still a pretty lesser known trick so not a lot of people know about it, which is good. Why? Well, when you search for Nintndo, it’s most likely everyone else is searching for Nintendo, so this allows for the Nintndo items to be bid on less by other users, so you could just as well find a Nintndo with 2 bidders and a Nintendo for 100 bidders. It gives you a higher percentage of winning and also a higher percentage of paying less. If bid starts at $250 and you bid $250 and no one else bids, then you could just as well win (unless the poster closes the item).

This happens in a lot of cases with a lot of different items regarding any category, but I have been super lucky with the Wii because for whatever reason people simply cannot spell Nintendo! You would think it would be one of the easiest words to spell like cat or dog, but fortunately for you, it’s not. Use this trick to your advantage, you could get just about anything for hundreds of dollars less than their competitors and hey, who doesn’t love a bargain!

Here is a special little tip for everyone out there reading this, maybe you know about the misspelling trick and maybe you don’t. But do you know of a superb way of finding all the misspellings? Hmmm? Well I do and I am completely willing to share this hefty trick with you. Obviously you can’t read people’s minds and be able to tell how they are going to spell certain things, so what you can do is visit a few of the following sites called; Misspelled Names Generator or you can get a program called Typo Generator. Your brain is already starting to whirl isn’t it? See these programs and websites are designed to list every single misspelled word there is, even words like Nintendo.

Simply type in the word: Nintendo
Check off the options
Press Go

And voila, here is your list:

Of course on this sample I only did a few, but on the actual program there were over 65 misspellings for Nintendo alone. This could be a major benefit to your eBay searches or heck, anything else for that matter. These programs were originally made so that you could set up keywords for your website because people misspell things all the time. But I use it for stuff like this and it works out really well for me! You can also use this program for other things as well, but that’s a whole other article! Good luck with this, and bid bid bid!

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