Xbox 360 Problems The 5 Main Problems With Your Xbox 360

Are you the proud owner of a Microsoft Xbox 360 and you are experiencing some problems? This article will debate the main five problems with the Xbox consoles and will also reveal some solutions.

1. Hardware failure – this issue can have multiple causes. One possible cause can be the culprit or the bad solder joint that is associated with CPU, RAM or GPU chips. Excessive build up of heat can also be the problem and usually these two problems mentioned are connected and in direct association. There are some solutions that professional use.

One of the first solutions revolves around the X clamps that are holding the CPU and GPU chip and the other one deals with the overheating. But do not try to solve these two issues if your console is under warranty. If you are messing with the console during warranty you will only be making things worse. Just pack the console and sent it so that the professionals can fix it or, in the worst case scenario, replace it.

2. Error of the AV Cable Error E74   this problem is very simple. If the problem is the AV cable, all you need to do is replace it. It does not cost much and it is very easy to do.

3. DVD Drive Error E64 to E66 – this is another problem that can be easily fixed. This means the drive is not yet connected. All you have to do is connect it properly to the boot.

4. Hard Drive Error E67 to E69 & E79   this error is about the hard drive and this means it can be a problem dealing with the way in which the hard drive is connected. You can try to remove the hard drive and then play the console with no drive. This type of problem can also appear due to a missing or corrupted eProm.

5. Power Supply  PSU or the CPU/GPU need to be replaced. The console is not getting enough power and this causes the problems. Getting a new and clean brick can be the best option.

These are some of the problems that usually appear when you have a Microsoft Xbox 360. But all these problems are easy to deal with as long as you get informed. Be careful and read all the manuals of the gaming console before trying to solve any problems. And in the end, if you cannot do it, you can easily get professional help.


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