Facts About The Xbox 360 Nes Emulator

“The Xbox 360 is one of the most popular video console gaming systems which was released by Microsoft in 2005 and represents the latest technology which provides the user with a high definition playing experience. Since not all systems are equipped to operate the games contained in the Xbox 360, it is advisable to install Xbox 360 NES emulator which would allow the user to gain access to all the games from the existing platform.

The use of the emulator began in the 1990s’ when the manufacturing companies decided to introduce a way in which the older games could be enjoyed in the new systems without causing phenomenal changes to the system. This could be made possible with the help of an emulator which would enable the computer system to operate a program which is totally different from the one for which it was originally meant. There are two types of emulators namely software emulator and hardware emulator and while the former is applicable on a single computer system the latter is in form of a hardware device which is designed to operate on a number of platforms. The first generation of emulators was meant for games like NES, SNES, Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis.

Although the Xbox 360 was originally created by Microsoft as a sequel to the Xbox, its latest emulator system has been devised by Nintendo Entertainment System or NES and hence the name Xbox 360 NES emulator. The main function of this emulator is to enable the users to use the ROMs’ of most of the NES games and incorporate them in the Xbox 360 so as to be able to play them. Since Microsoft and Nintendo are fierce competitors, the creation of emulator programs between competitors is not permitted in order to maintain the sanctity of ethics in the field. However, the Xbox 360 NES emulator was released with the intention of further enhancing the potential as well as the capabilities of the Xbox so that the game console is not only compatible with its own older versions but with the older versions of other platforms as well. An important point in this regard is that since the Xbox 360 is backwards compatible, it can be used conveniently to decipher older games of the same company but requires an emulator for the games manufactured by different companies.

Therefore, the Xbox 360 NES emulator is meant for making the Xbox 360 a universal gaming console platform which would offer the user a wide array of games to choose from.

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