Xbox 360 Modification Chip

“An Xbox 360 modification chip is a device which is used to play console games which are not original to the system in which they are being played. These modification chips are not unique only to the Xbox 360 but are available for all major gaming consoles like the PlayStation and the GameCube. The modification chips came into existence when the gaming enthusiasts were bored of the monotony of playing the same games repeatedly and wanted a change in form of a new system of games.

The Xbox 360 modification chip is known as the Globe 360 and this chip holds the honor of being the only one which is compatible with all the available DVD drives in the market. Therefore, apart from being compatible with any drive model, this chip has home brew software which is again universal. An Xbox 360 modification chip has the ability to convert a gaming console into a full fledged media center which is capable of downloading videos, playing music and watching movies in addition to being an awesome high definition and advanced game machine. An Xbox 360 modification chip would enable the owner of the Xbox 360 gaming console to not only create a back-up of the original games for safe-keeping but also play a number of new games which otherwise would not have been accessible.

An Xbox 360 modification chip requires a certain amount of technical ability on the part of the user to be installed and the most common method of installation is to solder to the mother-board of the gaming console. However, this cannot be done with the kits which particularly mention no-solder install and these require precise positioning of electric contacts within the case in order to be installed.

The first generation of the Xbox 360 modification chip were drive-specific in the sense that when the owner had to buy a chip then he had to ensure that it would be compatible with the DVD drive of the system. Hence, the Xbox 360 with a Samsung drive was compatible with an Xbox 360 modification chip which operated in the Samsung drive. Although later the Xbox 360 modification chip was manufactured for Xbox 360 Hitachi as well, the real advancement in the field was made when the Xbox 360 modification chip was given a universal nature and could be used in any Xbox 360 console without any problems of compatibility.

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