Stuck Discs: An Xbox 360 Repair Guide

It can be extremely frustrating having a game of yours get stuck in your Xbox 360 system. The most natural reaction would be to enter rage mode and try to tear it out. You could send your console to Microsoft for a lengthy and possibly costly repair. Like many people, this is not an option. You could save your money by purchasing or downloading an Xbox 360 repair guide.

There are a few different methods available for you to manually remove the disc. First off, your Xbox 360 repair guide will suggest that you reset your console by unplugging it for a few minutes. Then, reattach the power cord and see if this did the trick. If you did not garner any results, repeat the process.

Things can get a little tricky now, which makes it all the more crucial to closely follow your Xbox 360 repair guide. Before you start, remove face plate in the front of the console. Then, grab a thick paper clip (or something with similar malleability) and straighten one end of it. Upon removing the face plate you will notice two small holes underneath the DVD player, and one hole to the right.

The next step will vary being that there are three different DVD drives the Xbox 360 uses. If you have a Samsung or Toshiba, your Xbox 360 repair guide will advise you to find the small hole located on the right underneath the X on the DVD drive faceplate. Now, push your straightened paper clip (or bendable object) in the hole until it hits the gear. The gear needs to be spun clockwise. Continue to push gently until you feel it move smoothly.

For Hitatchi DVD drive users, you are going to want to poke the first hole on the left. Follow the same fore-mentioned procedures by poking the hole to get the gear to move. Regardless of what type of DVD drive you have, it is vital you take your time and do not push too hard. If you miss the correct spot, your progress can be hindered and can even cause more damage.

As soon as the tray starts to eject, pull it gently and carefully. After successfully opening the tray, future issues should be much more manageable thanks to the helpful Xbox 360 repair guide. Disc out, and a couple of hundred dollars saved. It is actually quite easy to do when you know what you are doing.

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