How To Repair A Dvd Drive On Your Xbox 360

Are you repeatedly coming across frozen games or the dirty disc error screen on your television? If so, the problem is likely your DVD drive. While you could purchase a replacement drive, you can save loads of money by taking the repair route. So, how would you go about fixing this issue?

A very important note to keep in mind is that you should avoid blowing canned air into the drive without opening it. It is a common misconception that this will work. In actuality, it may very well cause even further damage to the console. All you will be doing is guaranteeing that the dust will be redistributed evenly inside the drive.

Try not to feel bad about your recently attained problem; you will find there are actually a few easy steps that can be taken to solve your DVD drive problem. Your introductory option is to use a standard CD/DVD cleaner. These are widely found at many retail and/or video game stores. This cleaner resembles a normal CD, but with two small brushes attached on the bottom of them. Once inserted, the disc will lightly brush the lens, cleaning it of dust particles.

Your second procedure for repairing your Xbox 360 is to gather the information you have, and then figure out what drive you are working with. Figure out the manufacturer of your Xbox DVD drive and complete the disassembly tutorials. Some manufacturers you will most likely be working with include Thomson, Phillips, Laser Installation, or Samsung.

Once you have determined the manufacturer and completed the tear-down tutorials, the next thing to do is to clean the lens and mirror manually. This is where it is highly beneficial to you and your console to have thoroughly read and completed the tear down tutorials.

Your next maneuver is adjusting the potentiometer on the laser. This is fancy jargon meaning the voltage divider. Lastly, replace the laser in the DVD drive with your alternate laser you purchased either from Samsung, Phillips or Thompson. Although it may seem a bit drastic, replacement is actually a fairly manageable process if you follow the steps meticulously.

The last item to consider on repairing the Xbox is purchasing a completely new drive. However, if money is a factor, there are quality instructions widely available on the internet that can help you repair the system on your own. Also, make sure that you follow a reputable guide. Sometimes it can prove to be a relatively quick fix done manually, and it may prove to be a wise choice in the end.

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